90 SECONDS to No More Knee Pain Video Course:: The Rapid Results Video Self-Treatment Series

The VAST majority of all knee pain comes from ONE thing.

One, TINY thing that ‘gums up’ your Athletic Performance, makes you considerably more Vulnerable to Injury and Causes Your Pain.

In this Revolutionary 11-VIDEO Self-Treatment Course you will learn how to:

  • ELIMINATE the most common cause of Knee Pain in athletes.
  • AVOID future recurrences of Knee Pain by maintaining fantastic biomechanics.
  • SAVE MONEY on doctor and therapist bills by correcting your Knee Pain once-and-for-all YOURSELF.
  • RETURN to the activities that you love.
  • IMPROVE your athletic performance.

What is this evil thing?

Microscopic Scar Tissue Adhesions

EVERY activity that we perform as athletes that involves bending of the knee or using the knee to absorb shock (running, jumping, cycling, CrossFit, soccer, basketball, football – you name it!) leads to Inflammation at the microscopic level. This inflammation – which is very similar to pus inside a blister – is a sticky fluid that is chock full healing elements needed to repair damage.

Yes! Normal, run-of-the-mill working out, training and competing are ALL forms of DAMAGE.

I like to refer to Inflammation as ‘liquid scar tissue’ because that is EXACTLY what it is. When it dries, it transforms into tiny fibers of scar tissue. In the RIGHT places it creates a bridge between damaged tissues or forms a lattice on which new, healthy tissue can grow. In the WRONG places these Microscopic Scar Tissue Adhesions cause healthy fibers to become ‘stuck’ together (adhesed), lose their flexibility (leading to tightness) and interfere with a muscle’s ability to contract (causing weakness).

Basically, Microscopic Adhesions DESTROY all the wonderful things that we are trying to improve within ourselves as athletes!

BY FAR, THE MOST COMMON cause of Knee Pain in the athlete is Dysfunctional Biomechanics of the knee. More specifically, Dysfunctional Biomechanics of the KNEE CAP (also called the patella).

When the knee cap is properly aligned, it is able to slide EFFORTLESSLY along a straight groove. Very little friction, very little rubbing and ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT.

BY FAR, THE MOST COMMON cause of Knee Cap Misalignment (sometimes called a Patellar Tracking Dysfunction) is an imbalance between the fibrous tissue band on the outside of the leg (called the Iliotibial Band or ITB) and an itty-bitty muscles of the thigh (a small part of the quadriceps muscle) called the vastus medialis obliquus (or VMO for short).

Why Traditional Medical Treatment FAILS with Knee Pain

The traditional medical approach to knee pain involves covering up the symptoms with medication – typically Anti-Inflammatory meds. While effective at reducing the pain, this is actually quite dangerous because it also BLOCKS THE HEALING where Inflammation plays a critical role.

A slightly more intelligent approach is the traditional Physical Therapy approach where the therapist attempts to re-align the knee cap by bringing the ITB and VMO back into balance. Sounds good, right?

Sure, except that many therapists choose the STRENGTHEN the VMO which takes WEEKS AND WEEKS of therapy and often delivers only short-term results – unless, of course, you choose to continue the VMO exercises for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

The 90 SECONDS to No More Knee Pain approach is based on TREATING THE UNDERLYING CAUSE of the Knee Pain using the revolutionary stepUP (Scar Tissue Elimination Program for Ultimate Performance) Self-Treatment Technique:

  • No medication that simply covers up the symptoms.
  • Doesn’t require 8 WEEKS of therapy and exercises to only achieve short-term benefit.
  • No need to stop all activity for several weeks while you hope and pray that you get better.
  • No need to visit a doctor so he / she can take your money just to tell you that you’re ‘getting old’.

What are you waiting for?!? The clock is TICKING!


Yours in Ultimate Performance,

Dr. Ken Erickson

Founder of the ProMaker Performance Academy

Creator of stepUP to Ultimate Performance

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