4-Week Boot Camp: Learn the SECRET Strategies to Avoiding Pain, Maximizing Performance & Recovering from Injury

Eliminate the Nagging Barriers and Painful Injuries Keeping You From GREATNESS… Starting NOW!

The Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Boot Camp. The tips, tricks, tools and methods found in this interactive online course have helped thousands Eliminate Pain, Recover from Injury and Boost Athletic Performance.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to avoid the root cause of most athletic injuries without giving up on what you love.
  • How to save thousands on doctor, therapist and coaching costs.
  • How to bust through performance barriers without training More, More, More.
  • How to tap into your hidden athletic potential quickly and easily.
  • How to regain the strength, flexibility and vitality of your youth.
  • How to fall back in love with your sport, crush the competition and make your friends jealous – all at the same time!
  • How to improve performance while training less-often and less-intensely.
  • How to avoid the Dirty Dozen causes destroying your performance and causing your pain.
  • How to ‘Recover Like a Rockstar’ so you’re always up for the next challenge.

Your Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Boot Camp is self-guided. Each weekly training module will be made available for you to watch, learn and absorb at your own pace.

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1.YES, please enroll me in Dr. Ken Erickson’s Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Interactive Online Training Boot Camp. I understand this comprehensive online program includes Dr. Kenneth Erickson’s secret step-by-step strategies, tools and peak performance resources for runners, cyclists, marathoners, swimmers and other athletes that rely upon repetitive or high resistance training methods like CrossFitters, power lifters, soccer / football players, basketball players and rugby / American football players. I understand that these are advanced training strategies and should be respected and undertaken as such.

2.30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. (PRICELESS!) I understand I can TEST this Boot Camp out! If I'm not 100% satisfied, then I can have a full refund as long as I request the refund within 30 days of the start date that I purchase the Boot Camp. I understand the Dr. Ken is something of a loon for doing this since I can basically complete the ENTIRE Boot Camp and still receive a complete refund at the very end. I further acknowledge that I would be INSANE to not at least TRY the Boot Camp to see if I like it. I understand I must notify Dr. Ken within 30 days if I want a refund because there are no refunds after 30 days and, besides, I don’t want to miss out on my direct phone / Skype access with Dr. Ken which only becomes available after the 4-week Boot Camp!

3.BONUS #1: FREE ACCESS PASS TO LESS PAIN, MORE GAIN 4-WEEK BOOT CAMP FOR A FRIEND! (Valued at $397). I will receive one (1) FREE Unlimited Access Pass to the Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Interactive Boot Camp to share with a friend, team member or coach. I further understand that this additional access pass does not include VIP Access to the Ask Dr. Ken forum or any of the other bonuses listed below. My invited guest will, however, be given the opportunity to purchase any wanted bonuses for an additional fee.

4.BONUS #2: FOUR (4) WEEKS DIRECT ACCESS TO DR. KEN VIA EMAIL. (Valued at $97). I’m excited to get four (4) weeks of unlimited access Dr. Ken via email. This is where Dr. Ken will personally answer any and all of my sports injury and athletic performance questions. This is PRICELESS - I can ask Dr. Ken anything I like and he will personally respond every single week for an entire four (4) weeks! I further acknowledge that I can elect to continue my email access to Dr. Ken at a cost of $97 per month. However, I WILL NOT be billed automatically for this service and must make an additional purchase should I choose to continue to use this service.

5.BONUS #3: 15-MINUTES OF ONE-ON-ONE ACCESS TO DR. KEN. (Valued at $97). After I have been in the program beyond 30 days, I understand that I will also receive 15-minutes of phone / Skype support with Dr. Ken. During that call, Dr. Ken will personally answer any questions that will help me maximize the value I receive from the Less Pain, More Gain Boot Camp. I acknowledge that I can elect to continue coaching calls / Skypes with Dr. Ken for an additional fee of $97 per 15 minutes.

6.BONUS #4: ‘PEAK PERFORMANCE PLATEAU…’ eBOOK. (Valued at $37). Upon registration, I will get immediate access to my online training Member's Area, where I will be able to download and view the PDF version of The Peak Performance Plateau… Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Barrier-Busting Badass. This book includes much of the foundational material that the ProMaker Method, stepUP to Ultimate Performance Program and Less Pain, More Gain Boot Camp are built upon. This is a great resource for anyone that prefers to learn by reading rather than watching videos.

7.BONUS #5: UNABRIGDGED AUDIOBOOK OF THE ‘LACTIC ACID LIE…’ (Valued at $97). Upon registration, I will get immediate access to my online Member's Area, where I will be able to download and listen to Dr. Ken’s complete, unabridged audiobook of The Peak Performance Plateau… Unlock the Secrets to Becoming a Barrier-Busting Badass.

From Dr. Ken: "I just wanted to begin our relationship by surprising you and OVER DELIVERING with value! I want you to get the absolute best results with the Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Boot Camp. Every athlete is unique. Therefore, every athlete must INDIVIDUALLY customize his or her training, performance and recovery to maximize strengths and power through weaknesses. That is especially true when dealing with complex biomechanics and pesky microscopic buggers destroying your performance and causing injury after injury after flippin’ injury! Since one of the biggest challenges with using this revolutionary approach is knowing where to start, I have decided to make it bonehead simple for you. To that end, I have decided to TRIPLE your direct, one-on-one access to me via phone or Skype from 15 minutes to 45 MINUTES! Let’s work together during that time to nail down exactly where your problems are and exactly what your limitations are. From that, we can craft a completely customized pathway to Ultimate Performance. I can’t wait to get started!"

From Dr. Ken: "I DO NOT want the Less Pain, More Gain 4-Week Boot Camp to be just some other ‘boot camp’ where you work your butt off and love the experience FOR A SHORT TIME. I DO NOT want you to fall back into your old ways of letting cobwebs gum-up your performance, cancel out your gains and morph into future injury. I want this program to completely transform your health and performance BOTH now and FOREVER INTO THE FUTURE. That means that I want us to be able to tackle these pesky problems WHENEVER they decide to rear their ugly heads and bite you in the ass! To help make MY vision a reality for BOTH of us, I would like to extend your access to me via email for an ADDITIONAL SIX (6) WEEKS (that's a total of 10 weeks!). That way you can pester me whenever you like so that we can work together to keep the Deadly Dozen on the defensive now AND forever!"

Yours in Ultimate Performance,

Dr. Ken

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